Simple Trace mirror function

I would like to create a file/part that is symmetric about an axis. When I do this and use the mirror function, I get a mirror image, but the original is gone. Is it possible to create a symmetric part using this function as a single file, or do I need to save as two files and cut the part using both?


Anyone? Is my question clear? I want to create a symmetrical part using mirror.

Thanks for reading.


Your question is clear…I keep forgetting to try it on mine for you…Is there a button that says keep original?

I don’t see a way to do it. I think it is too much to ask from the user interface. Your workaround with the saves is probably you best bet, without using a cad program or post processor.

Thanks for looking into it, I really appreciate your time. I’ll probably stick with CAD.

If you don’t mind me asking, how do I get into the mirror function I can’t find it on my Droid?

This button takes you there.


thanks, I have to make a heat exchanger in a few days for my new diesel heater for my shop that will come in handy.