Tolerance setting in ST

Can anyone clarify what the tolerance number actually relates to or is it just a factor?
I see on my machine it defaults to “3” for DFX imports but 3 what? (I am in mm units)

What is the minimum or maximum value and how does it relate to the interpretation of the file.

Just a bit more info on how to use this tolerance setting would be useful.

SimpleTrace doesn’t support splines directly, only lines and circular arcs, so DXF splines and ellipses have to be converted into lines. DXF Tolerance sets the minimum distance between points when converting the splines. It’s in distance units, so mm in your case.
Example DXF:
Tolerance 3mm (~0.125"):

10mm (~0.4"):

50mm (~2"):

The low number is limited by SimpleTrace memory. It will give you an error if your DXF is too big after conversion. Then you need to adjust the setting up until there is no error message.
There’s no upper limit, your curves will just look less and less smooth.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation - makes a lot of sense. Maybe would be good idea to include info like this in a starter guide, would be handy for new users.