Greetings from Calgary

Greetings all. I just ordered my ArcDroid. I am sitting here refreshing the UPS tracking website every few seconds.

I have the baby ‘Everlast 25i’ plasma that I am going to test out, because, you know… it’s what I have. I don’t see it on the list of confirmed plasma machines. Is that because it’s just never been tried, or it’s been tried and died?

I’ve been cutting and bending steel by hand for far too long, and I am very excited to introduce this new machine into my fabrication workflow.

Everlast25i should work ok. It is not a high freq. start unit. Arcdroid really opens up fabbing capabilities!!

@Behemoth60 Welcome! Ahhhhh…I remember the anticipation. I attached a link to the compatible cutters.

Hope it arrives soon. You’re gonna have a blast.
Good Luck :+1:

After a bit of a hick-up with UPS, I finally got the machine last evening. What a clever piece of kit. The use of an ‘arm’ in this manner is quite innovative, and has really filled an unmet niche in the market. I called the ‘other’ Canadian CNC machine builder out of Kamloops, and their entry level system for a 4x4 table was going to be $32,000. That’s just out of reason for a home-hobby user. A guy can save his non-existing-Canadian-pennies and afford this machine.

Anyway, tonight I will get it calibrated and see if I can get some cuts started. Very excited.


Hello from California
I have just received my unit. I easily connected it to my Eastwood Versacut 60.

Your in for some fun and interesting new fab work!

Hi Behemoth. I am curious as to what duties/fees/taxes you incurred bringing this unit into Canada on top of the price?