Moving the ArcDroid

Do you have to recalibrated the ArcDroid every time you move it?

No, you do not have to recalibrate if you move the droids location.

what would causes it to get out of calibration all of a sudden.

Not really sure what would make it lose calibration. Possibly a solid collision of the arm that caused a belt to slip. I would think re-homing it would fix that though. Pure speculation….
Changing the mounting of the torch that relocates the torch tip compared to how it was at the time of the first calibration.
Maybe entering calibration mode and not completing it, that may leave the droid lost.
I have not experienced any issues with calibration changing. Have not had to re-do it since my initial successful calibration.

I found the problem a shim stuck under one corner . It was a thin shim. but enough to throw off calibration . I was checking every thing before i recalibrated and found it. Went ahead and recalibrated it fine now.
Thanks for your response

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