New users should down load the Arcdroid manual

If new users would down load the Arcdroid
User Manual it would answer a lot of your questions. And even more could be answered if you would watch all of Andrew’s YouTube videos and Amp Mechanic videos. To get the manual just go to GOOGLE and type in Arcdroid Manual. .and especially read the pro tips in the manual.

Anthony the Joatmon

This has been a very friendly and helpful group, I am one that has asked many questions and learned from the responses posted. Very grateful for those willing to pause their projects and help a guy with questions.

We all run into unique situations that just don’t seem to get satisfied by the owners manual. It’s for sure a good idea to read it, and refer back to it as needed.

So I say keep on asking!
Have a creative day ! Happy cutting


“ Glad to see so many arcdroid users here. As i am not up to speed on any cnc or how the ArcDroid features work so i am going to need all the help I can get. Seems to be a great group.”

I know the manual answers many question that are ask but several more that pop up that it don’t cover in enough depth or at all i understand.