Hello from Edmonton

Hey everyone, I just picked up my arc droid and am currently working on setting up my table to make my first cut. I watched many videos before purchasing and wanted to thank everyone who takes the time to make this information available. I have zero experience with CNC and the arcdroids accessibility was a major factor in my decision to purchase.

You will love learning how to use the ArcDroid. It’s user friendly and easy to learn.
Just make sure you follow all the steps shown on any of the videos. No shortcuts.
Have fun

Hey there, im out near Edson Alberta, that was one of the reasons for getting the arcdroid for myself also.
Sure makes for easy bracket making!

Here is a video i did of using the arcdroid to make my chainsaw mill!

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Welcome to the ArcDroid community forum. A great bunch of people here and they help all they can. And Andrew is awesome with his customer service. Need anything just post it and someone will try to help.
God bless and work safely
Anthony in Alabama

Working on setting one of these bad boys up in Edmonton as well. How did you make out getting it up and running?

im hoping to try my first cuts this weekend, im still waiting for the x2 i ordered to show up to finish my table, also had a few other projects to wrap up first. Did you buy yours through KMS tools?

I don’t personally have one. I’m setting up one for a friend of mine who bought it through the kickstarter and got intimidated by it. Running into some teething issues but I think they’re mostly related to the plasma cutter rather than the droid. I’d be very curious to see how you make out.

ill keep you posted, if you haven’t done so already there are new updates available for download. i had an issuse with some freezing but it seems all good now

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I downloaded them today, I probably should have done that before I spent 4 hours tinkering earlier but such is life.