Software, Im a new user in the CNC world

Im a new user in the CNC world, I have been running my Arcdroid for a week now, did a 4 link project on a friends Jeep CJ, and I am for sure getting better at this. My question is about software you may be using to draw on a laptop to design parts, then drop on USB to the Arcdroid in a cuttable format. I’m interested in basic programs, and your experiences ( good or bad) with them

Thx Mike

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@mtw1 Welcome to the club! :+1: I use Fusion 360. I knew nothing about Fusion until the week of Thanksgiving. During that week, I attended “YouTube University” :rofl: and learned enough about the Design and Manufacture modes to make some pretty intricate designs. It’s a fairly intuitive program. It just takes commitment and trial & error. Good Luck!

BTW Fusion 360 is a free trial, followed up with a Hobbyist free license

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Have you posted your Youtube video of Cutting the sign ?

It is good to watch.

Thanks Bob, I’m on the fusion program, got it figured out, for basics anyway.

Thanks !