Fusion 360 Free version DXF not any option now

HI all, Well I was just getting the hang of Fusion 360 (free version) and moving DXF files to my ArcDroid. Fusion went down yesterday for some maintenance. Now I can not “Export” or “save as” any DXF files. It seems it is not an option unless I pay for it now. Did I miss something or is anyone else seeing this as well? Is there another file type that works off of Fusion 360? Or is there a different CAD program that works with our ArcDroid? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Seems they have finally plugged that loop-hole.
For simple 2D work use QCAD or Vectrics CUT2D and for gcode SheetCam is still KING - much better than fusion gcode

A lot of people like ONSHAPE which is all online but never got to grips with it myself but gets a lot of praise.

Hi Matt, Well thanks for letting me know that it wasn’t just all me and that they did do something. Thanks for the pointers. Will any of those other programs work with 3D as well, I also have a 3D printer to build thing with. Thanks again!

Hey Dean I don’t know any such thing about fusion 360 stopped using it a while back just commenting on alternatives.

Probably best to do some more investigating yourself to see what’s really going on

Have you tried Right clicking on the sketch and just saving the sketch as a .dxf

Besides If you are in Fusion already you really should be using the Manufacturing tab to do a tool path and export G-conde instead
Much better results


Thank you both for your advice, I did not know I could export the G-code by itself. I just exported 2 G-code files and am headed out to test them out. Yes exporting the sketch file, I always had to do some manipulating after getting to the ArcDroid. Thanks again for your help and I will let you know how it goes.
Matt, I am going to look into the programs you told me about as well. thank you


Shazam!, Andrew, using the G-gode method worked perfectly. I did a sign with lots of letters and a couple flanges. Better than the sketch method for sure. Thank you again for your assistance. So Fusion is still letting us use these things in the free version for now, that’s encouraging.


Using a pdf printer I print to pdf, then convert to DXF in Coreldraw. Other applications can do this conversion too. E.g Inkscape ( which is free, as in beer).


Hi tgoacher, thank you for the input, I am seeing that there is more options out there than I had thought. Cheers!