Cad and/or G-code software

Just received my Arcdroid today. thankful I bought a new 4x8 sheet of 1/8 steel, been burning through it all day just for fun.
I would like to find out what the best program for Cad is? preferably free and easy to use.
I have fusion 360, but it is not user friendly at all. I cant wrap my head around it. would love something basic to use with my Arcdroid to simply cut letter and designs with basic skills.

@stroker-garage I was in the same boat a few months ago, watched tons of videos on F360 and go to where I can draw and produce cut file rather quickly, Not an expert by any means, but enough too make it fun and cool parts too. Stay with it, it’s worth the effort

I use QCAD/CAM. It has a free version but the paid version is very reasonable. Andrew also wrote a post processor for it.

It’s much easier than Fusion 360.

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Thank you! I spent a few hours playing with fu360 and finally wrapped my head around it.

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Thanks! i think i got it figured out now. lots of cool projects to come.

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free, easy and good NEVER go in same sentence - fusion 360 is good starting - NONE of them are easy

When you import the g-code from qcad/cam to the arcdroid does your art work have all the kerf ins and outs or does it just have an outline. Thank you in advance

Yes I lay it out in g code and save to USB drive. I do have problems with real complex drawings but for the most part it works great.

Get BlueMail for Android

Okay but it still cuts out okay!


All the kerf offset is done in fusion so the ArcDroid auto forces a Kerf to 0.00 so it doesn’t add another kerf on top of the one your toolpath already has.


Thank you for the reply.

Frank Considine

looking for a free cad G program to run my arcdroid. i see QCAD/CAM but so far have only found a download for 15 minutes free. does anyone have a link for a free version of this or no of one that should be just as good. thanks

LibreCAD is free and what QCAD was founded on. quite basic but does meet the needs for simple designs nicely. QCAD is better and not really expensive