QCAD/CAM software?

Do I need QCAD or QCAD/CAM for use with the ArcDroid?

Second will the trial version work?

Got tired of making paper templates and not having lots of lucking making objects on the Droid screen so time to learn some software. I want something simple for 2D objects only.

There are a few CAD/CAM software out there that will work on the ArcDroid. It will become “simple” when you put the time into learning the software. I’m unfamiliar with QCAD, but I have used SheetCam and now use Fusion 360. The trial version on some is OK and has limits on what can be done. A word of “caution”. If you are not computer or software savvy, you will get frustrated much faster than making the templates. The beauty behind Arcdroid is the simple trace since you don’t need any external software. Yes, it has some limitations, but with practice, it can work.

Simple trace isn’t accurate enough for me. By the time I make a cardboard or masonite template I am just as well to have cut the part out by hand

I use QCAD/CAM for my drawing, and I find it easy to use. I started with the trial version and then upgrade to the full version but the trial version works fine.

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So I do need the CAM software too?

You don’t have to have it. When you run the DXF file on the ArcDroid it will create a tool path for you. I like the CAM software because I have more control of the toolpath.