Amazed at the Accuracy

So pleased with the fine detail. 16 g rolled steel @ 60psi/45 amps/ 120 feed speed
I’m using the Arcfony Cut Pro 53



Should add the dxf files to file share in forum

Hi Anthony,
I’d love to share these files but since I purchased them it’s against sellers policy to share. I’m hoping in the future, to design my own and then I’d be happy to share any and all my files with everyone.
Please remember I am only 10 days into working with the Arcdroid and CNC in general… I’m a medical guy.
I’m as far away from a techy as can be, that’s why some of my crazy questions. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I am 70 and know nothing about CAD and have no ambition to learn at this age. I buy files, simple trace or by file sharing . Retired tool and die maker but never was involved in cad or the cnc side. 99% of what i need the AD for is simple trace for broken parts or i simply make template on the milling machine for the AD.
God bless play safe
Anthony in snowy cold Alabama


Guys, I’m not suggesting anything that you can’t go to youtube and research and accomplish in about 1 to 2 hours if you cared to. Hopefully you guys saying at X years I have no ambition to learn this or that are not closing your mind to learning new things… It’s a shame to hear people say that. There is no need to learn CAD or at least all of it. Just learn what you need to get the results you want. If you can spend a couple hours a week watching videos about cats, jeapordy, wheel of fortune, or other silly stuff, it would benefit you more to go search youtube and expand your knowledge on how to better use that tool, especially if your ambition is to make a little scratch from the Arcdroid. You could easily search, “Turn a photo into a cad drawing in inkscape” on Youtube. It is surprisinly simple once you see some demonstations and are shown the tools to use. The time invested is just the physical act of actually doing it once you are shown the process, which still is minor in comparison. Plus it releases you of going to Etsy (or whatever) and paying money for anything and being trapped into the cycle of depending on others to source what you like to repeat. Using the software side of things unlocks your potential to do more than just parrot other people’s work at the cost of money or limitation of their imagination. There is the old saying I’m sure some of you guys used at least once in your life. Teach a man to fish… Here is your chance to learn how to fish and have a feast. A cold snowy day in Alabama sounds like time to sit at your computer and do a little photo conversion to me. That or maybe some snowman making or some snow mobile action. Either can be fun but I’ve hit that age where when the Temp gets below my age I would rather sit at my desk and design stuff or work in the shop (it’s heeated). Enjoy your day fellas!


Sorry for the wall of text. I just see guys thinking the PC side of things is harder than it is and hate for you to not find another skill you may actually enjoy doing.

Your thoughts are appreciated and will taken. I will make this promise…I will learn to CAD as I have great ideas I want to share.
Thank you for thoughts and very wise suggestion.
Stay warm.

Here is a starting point. Inkscape is free. There are some things that are making it harder to use Fusion 360 for free but I think the Arcdroid post processing feature will work around it to most degrees. I haven’t toyed with it in a little bit to be fair.

Awesome… thank you.
I’ll take a look.

I have no time for learing cad nor do i want to at my age. With all my doctor appointments and raising my grand daughter i have little time for that. All my spare time. Is spent having fun with my toys including but not limited to the Arcdroid. As for as computers i had one ever sknce the tandy at radio shack came out with one then got an IBM a couple years later . I am computer savy just not cad software. If i really needed it i would learn it just dont want to invest the time in it when i could be having more fun with other things. I love welding sxs riding woodwork and the arcdroid is just another thing i use for metal work . Having fun is the main idea dont make it like a job just having a great time. CAD just not for me. That is why i went with the Droid.
As Always
God bless and please play and work safely .

46" X 11"


Wow that is accurate. I have the archphony and I don’t get smooth results ike that. Albeit im cutting 18 gauge.
Please keep posting up the settings you are using. Im going to try the ones you have posted at the top of this thread


Really enjoying my shop time and the Arcdroid’s capabilities. It has certainly exceeded my expectations. Here’s my latest using my X2. I’m getting ready to powder coat them with a roofers blow torch. This will be my first attempt using a torch…Wish me Luck.
The small surfboard is 24 x 6.5" which I sand blast then powder coat in my shop oven.
Big one is 48 X 13" which is a greater challenge. I’m going to clean the mill scale with Muriatic Acid then attempt to powder coat.

My settings on my Arcfony 53N Pro are the following:
Amps 45
Feed 120 inches/min
PSI I keep it in the green approx. 60 - 62
16 gauge rolled steel

What I’ve learned most and where I’ve made most mistakes is forgetting to check that my consumables are good. If you already haven’t done so, I recommend taking a look at them and compare a used one to a new one, you will see a huge difference when a consumable is blown out vs new. In nearly 2 months cutting I have replaced mine 6 times. (Bought extras on Amazon when I ordered my Arcfony)
2nd thing I’ve learned is make sure your air is Dry…check your moisture traps very often. I have 4 as I live on the beach so I get lots of moisture. I also change my desiccant pellets about once a week for best results. If you ever see “saw tooth” cuts for no reason …check your moisture traps and consumables.

Hope all this helps.

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Good morning,
I just went out to cut out some more projects and I discovered that the feed setting I posted yesterday is incorrect…it’s not 120"/min it’s 140"/min.
Believe it or not it does make a difference when cutting the finer details.

Glenn from Corpus Christi

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