Finally made my 1st cuts today

Can’t believe what the Arcdroid is capable of achieving. I bought these dxf files from etsy. After figuring out scale, x…y…etc, these are my 2 first cuts. Cant wait to see the other files I bought. To everyone helping me getting up and running I am grateful to you.

More to come,


Looking good. The journey is quite enjoyable making mistakes and learning as you go - Onwards and upwards. happy cutting :grinning:

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Great results . How did the arcfony work? Any major adjustments with it ?

Thank you Matt…
Couldn’t have said it better myself. Lots to learn… I’ve been in YouTube college the last month so now I’m putting it to the practical application.
Always open to suggestions.
Happy Sparking

Arcfony exceeded my expectations. For an inexspensive machine this little guy packs a punch. I cut this 16g rolled steel at 60 psi / 23 amps / 44 in minute.
Really happy with it.