Arcfony , anyone tried it?

Purchasing my arcdroid soon , has anyone tried this cheap cnc plasma cutter from Amazon ? I usually buy the best of the best when it comes to tools but the plasma is more of a learning and playing with it kinda thing . I don’t see myself cutting 1/2” steel anytime soon or doing this often to warrant me spending $3k on a hypertherm

This is my Amazon recommendation:
hynade CNC Blow Back Digital Air…

Works great.

thank you, that was my first choice . how thick clean cut can it do on steel ? do you own this machine

We’ve used it on 1/4 but I recall that it’s rated for 1/2”.

We paired it with a craftsman 32 gal compressor from Lowe’s.

That’s what I decided to go with.

Does it cut clean for 1/4 ?

I have the hynade it works great the cnc plug is a little small I had to take it to professional to get it soldered on.

I just bought one of these and my Arcdroid hasnt arrived yet but trying to figure out the wiring because it a two CNC connectors on the back but I dont understand their instructions on how to wire it up. Can someone help me please

Hello, I have the Arcfony Cut 53…great little machine.
To wire it for your torch you will use the 5 pin connector.
On the 5 pin you will only use the 2 red wires.
It doesn’t matter which red wire goes where on the back of the Arcdroid where it says Torch.
It’s that simple…I just did the same thing 2 weeks ago and it works like a charm.
Any questions reach out…

I have this machine and it works fantastic. I’m running it on 240v with a 60 gal compressor, Mega Compressor from Home Depot.
I’ve been cutting 16g rolled steel for the past 2 weeks and it runs thru it very cleanly without any issues…I’ve been cutting at 60 psi…45 amps…feed speed 120 inches/min.
It’s straight forward with big nobs and easy to read…even tells you when your psi is perfect.
Great machine and I will buy it again.
Hooking it up to the torch is very simple without any soldering. Just did mine 2 weeks ago and I can walk you thru that if you like.


Here’s one of the pieces I cut with the Arcfony and this is with no clean up…hot off the press.

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