Hynade CUT60DN cut speed

Does anyone have a hynade CUT60DN cut speed chart I still can’t get on there website and Amazon is as helpful as a screen door on a submarine. If you get a chance don’t by one 99.99999% of my problems are cutter related.

Attached is a copy of the cutting chart that came with my Cut60DN.
The Hynade unit has worked well for me, but I did not like the hand torch. The main issue was the sweeping motion of the torch and attached cable. The consumables burned out quicker than I thought they should. I purchased the Hynade PTM80 straight touch and built an overhead arm to support the cable and sweeps with the ArcDroid. The material used are: 3/16", setup. feed 1010, clear Z 6, pierce Z 2.9, cut Z 1.52, pierce delay 0.8. Plasma: 240VAC, 46 Amps, 65 psi. 10ga: feed 1400, clear Z 6, pierce Z 2.9, cut Z 1.52, pierce delay 0.6. Plasma: 240VAC, 40 Amps, 65 psi. I looked at various cut charts that covers general settings and searched for the specific metal thickness needed. Hope this helps.

Arcspark, how many amp breaker is required to run your PTM80? I’ve been looking at them but can’t find any info on input current requirements.

Thank you very much I didn’t get anything like this, after I slowed everything down I’ve been getting good cuts. But ya consumables are outrageous.

The PTM80 is just the straight torch. The torch can be connected and used on either the Cut60DN or the Cut80NP plasma cutters. The PTM80 Torch can handle the higher output current of the Cut80NP. As far as the plasma cutter AC power: I am using a 40A breaker for the Cut60DN. I don’t have any information on the Cut80NP, but based on what I’m reading I would personally use a 60A breaker. Hope this helps.

Oh ok, got it! Thank you for the reply! How do you like the cut60np? I recently ordered an arcdroid and now looking for a blowback plasma cutter. Since I cut more 1/4 to 1/2 in. plate than thin stuff
I was thinking the cut80np may be better suited.

I have using the cut60np on and off since Dec 2022. I was not happy with the standard hand torch that came with the Cut60 unit for several reasons. 1.) did not like the sweeping motion of the torch and cable as the ArcDroid arm moved across to make a cut or home. 2.) The torch consumables were used up quicker than I would of excepted. 3.) cost of the consumables. I purchased the PTM80 straight torch to eliminate the sweeping motion of the original torch handle and cable moving across the table. The torch change made the difference for me. The Cut60 has worked well for me. My recommendation is the cut80np or something equivalent with a straight torch for the thicker material. 2 cents.

yeah, definitely going to go with the machine torch and torch lead support arm like your setup.
Thank you for the feedback!