Primeweld 60A thc

Im just curious if anyone has done THC on a primeweld 60A yet and how it is set up?

I also have a Primeweld 60A and would like to know if anyone has gotten THC to work

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I would like to know this too. I’m hoping someone smarter than me has this working and is willing to share.

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It should be the same as other plasma cutters. I’ve done several videos on THC on my youtube channel, getting it to work and how to minimize problems. Just search for Amp Mechanic and ArcDroid.

By request, I’m going to have my inline adjustable voltage divider up for sale. First run is limited to 24 units. Since the ArcDroid actually needs a final divided voltage closer to 100:1 to work reliably, you can use it in conjunction with your built in 50:1 divider, with a 16:1 divider or with raw arc voltage +the internal switch to get there. Makes it a little easier to dial in the 40-60 TH value. Though I have had emails with a couple people who were able to get it working decently with just their built in divider.


Funny, I had just watched your videos on your adjustable voltage divider this morning before posting here. According to the Cut60 manual Here ,on page 29, terminals 11 and 12 output 1/16 of raw arc voltage for THC. That should work with your divider based on your comment. Correct?

Correct. Or I see they also have 1/50 on pins 6 and 4 as well as the RAW voltage pins 5 and 7. Raw voltage has the same 100K inline resistors as in the Everlast plasma machines. I have an Everlast 82i and bypassed them inside the machine. This isn’t necessary and didn’t really change much, it was just for testing.

My voltage divider will work with all those configurations. There is one switch inside the ArcDroid you may have to flip depending on which you choose but I will have instructions for setup.

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