Inline Adjustable Voltage Divider - For sale

Hi all, with many requests, I’m doing a small run of adjustable voltage dividers you can hook between your plasma cutter and the ArcDroid for the THC. The divider will work with raw voltage or in conjunction with your CNC port 16:1 or 50:1 divider on your cutter. (This includes cutters that have resistors inline with their “raw voltage” pins.) I can’t claim it’s anything overly special but it really helped me to dial in my TH value and have the THC work reasonably well. Plus it offers a little extra circuit protection.

I’m making 24 to start off with, there are about 18 left at this time. I’m still in the pre-order stage as I’m still waiting on my PCB’s to arrive, all other parts are here. Hoping to have all shipped by end of March but we’ll see how it goes.
If you want to get in on this run, you can order on my website
Just be sure to select your country from the drop down menu.

Be well,
Amp Mechanic


Awesome! Just got in on the pre-order. I have been looking forward to this. Your contributions to the community are much appreciated! Thanks, Jason!

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Thanks Mike! You’re in the line up.

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Hi Jason
I’m in Nova Scotia canada what do I need to do to get one of these THC modules from you I am running a Hobart 40i so I would be using raw voltage as it doesn’t have a built in voltage diver
Ps: I find your videos quite helpful thank you

Sent you a message Colin.

Big thanks to everyone who has purchased a voltage divider. I think there are 6 left as of today.
Canadian orders shipped yesterday. Those in the US and Australia should have tracking numbers next week and I will email the instruction pdf to you.

And just to quickly answer the most common question, yes it will work with any plasma cutter that is compatible with the ArcDroid. With CNC port or withtout, wired direct to your positive and negative output inside your plasma machine.
And actually it would work with many different CNC plasma systems, not just the ArcDroid.

Alright…back to wiring and assembling…


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