New issues with THC

Ok, so I’ve got my voltage divider wired up. It’s just a board in some shrink wrap, no shielding. I’ve done some test cuts and I’m seeing 1.8VDC from the divider leads while cutting. The problem is, every time I attempt a cut with the THC, my ArcDroid shuts down. This seems like HF issues but I’m running the Titanium 45 which I was under the impression was LF. What am I doing wrong here?



If the ArcDroid is shutting down then discontinue use of the THC immediately before you damage the ArcDroid
I don’t know what divider set up you have but it is clearly not filtered properly and is transmiting high voltage spikes to the ArcDroid.

Connecting anything that is High voltage/High Noise/ High current to sensitive internal electronics is a tricky effort at best. This is in part why we have not released a full version of the THC. Too many variables and too many chances to let out the magic smoke.


PS: if you ever have issues with your ArcDroid, First message should be to us directly
It can take days for us to get around to visiting the forum, you’ll always get a faster response with an email

It’s a good opportunity to remind folks that testing with a multimeter, you should review what the capabilities of yours are. ie voltage averaging, RMS vs peak, response time, etc.
You will likely not be able to see large voltage spikes with most common meters.
And even though you may be getting acceptable average DC you should also test for AC.

Not intending to lecture anyone, just some info because I know a lot of people who rarely use a multi-meter and may not know.

Good points. I am attempting to tread carefully here with the knowledge that I’m playing with fire and out of my league. I’m not a stranger to multimeters and while mine isn’t top of the line, it is reliable. I’m just your average guy, with an average degree of electronics knowledge, trying to get what I consider an essential function, THC, operational.


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