THC Torch height control

Can you run THC with X2 wired do you use same terminals also what is best voltage to use I have Hypertherm 85

@Simpco I have the same question as you regarding THC & X2. Asked it a few days ago. No definitive answer yet from the “power-users”. No one brave enough to experiment with their ArcDroid either - I’m not. :joy: Risk ≠ Reward

You may want to keep the linked post bookmarked to see if there are any future responses.

Good Luck :+1:

THC should be fine with X2. You’re only sharing the ground on Aux 2 which is tied into a bunch of other stuff that’s grounded. (It may actually be negative reference, I don’t remember if it’s chassis grounded or not. Either way…)
I just don’t have the X2, not sure if I will as I can cut what I need to already. Plus I’m doing more CNC mill stuff these days.

Lite version of my voltage divider is available. If you have the hypertherm voltage divider, those seem to work fine with the ArcDroid.

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Ok Thanks I tested HT85 its putting out 6volts will that work also there is no THC on screen just auto level I down loaded every thing on 12-24-23- so is latest

It should be under 3V, usually 50:1 divided voltage lands around 2.3V or so.
Long press on Auto Level and it will switch to THC. You also need to email ArcDroid with your serial number and they will send your unlock code.

OK Thanks for help so how can i drop the voltage I guess i need to look inside and see what it is set at I guess there is 5 settings you can use

There should be a 50:1 option.

Hi Jason I have HT85 I think I need one of your voltage dividers the one in my unit is bad it puts out 16 v what is the cost also do you know what the input voltage is on HT85

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Hypertherm 45XP works well with THC and X2…I just used mine today…Was also verified with AM earlier this week…As always read and follow the directions…Checking output voltage and polarity is a must.

I just looked up the manual for the Powermax 65/85. Page 3-20 shows DIP switches.

If that doesn’t work you can buy a divider from me at Lite version is in stock.

Thanks for reply Yes mine is burnt II talked to hypertherm told me to buy one off google be cheaper I check voltage it varied from 83.2-90.3 v so I might need adjustable if that will even work ?

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This will work, just unhook the old one no matter what you do. This lite version is small enough it may even fit in it’s place inside the hypertherm. I don’t know how it’s secured but a zip tie or some 3m double sided tape would likely secure it.

Ok Thanks I ordered lite version will see my input voltage is around 90v so 50;1 puts out put around .5v hope that works for droid Thank you again

It will be in the mail Monday.
90V at 50:1 should be around 1.8V. Right in the butter zone.

Hi I finally got divider installed it put out 1.4-1.6 volts but at start 5-6 volts for split second but then runs at 1.5 volts for entire cut is that ok also they sent the code but will not take it so I asked AD to see whats up with that

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hmm…that is a bit odd. But it won’t hurt anything. That’s within the safe range. The THC input on the droid has a protection diode.

What multimeter are you measuring it with? And that’s measured not hooked up to the ArcDroid, correct?

i did get the code to work yes i am going to get better meter

Might be a good idea to incorporate a 4v zener across the output from the divider circuit to limit any transients coming from the torch

There is already protection from large spikes that acts much faster than a zener, built into my divider. Second, the non linear nature of a 4v zener will impact the THC function negatively and makes it unusable in most cases. Third, there is already a 5.1 or 5.6V zener on the THC input circuitry of the ArcDroid.