Interesting screen loop

I wanted to put this out there for anyone else that might be experiencing a similar issue. I recently purchased a voltage divider and began the process of wiring it in last night. The instructions were very clear and after reading them no less than a dozen times I triple checked everything and began attempting to dial in the adjustable voltage. The instructions told me to check my voltage from the plasma cutter by dry firing the torch. I determined I was in the range of 2.5v. Which is exactly what I was informed raw voltage should be via the instructions. Next I hooked the Div V leads to the arc droid. The next step was to dry fire the torch and adjust until the TC read approximately 70. This is where my problems began. I was reading a static TC 8. Firing the torch would not increase the TC numbers. I went back to the instructions and after nearly memorizing them, I began trouble shooting. I ensured my wiring was correct, it was. I ensured my voltage was within range, it was. I made some test cuts and found the THC was not functioning due to my plasma torch plowing into the work piece. After some minor and admittedly major adjustments on the voltage divider (never exceeding safe voltage of 3v) I was no closer to getting the TC readout to change. While chewing on the problem, I placed my hand on the AcrDroid console, I noticed the TC number now dropped to zero. While this was interesting, I didn’t connect the dots immediately. Fast forward to this morning. I removed the console from it’s bracket on my table and found once again, TC dropped to zero. I test fired the torch and found I could consistently reach a 50ish on the TC readout (70 after minor adjustments). I placed the console back into the bracket, watched TC raise to 8, attempted to test fire and found the previous issued reoccurring. My table is a custom build specifically for the ArcDroid (pictures soon). There is continuity between the console bracket and the table. The metal housing of the console touching the bracket was generating the odd behavior with the THC. So, long story short, isolate the console during use. I’ve place some felt cloth in the bracket and haven’t had an issue since. Hopefully this information helps somebody out there.



I’ve noticed on any good system or improvised system shielding the controller module from the table is pretty much mandatory. I thought that would have kind of been figured out already. Good info though!

Did you use shielded wire when you hooked up your voltage divider. Just saying if the problem came up after hooking it up it could need shielder wireing . I am putting shielded wire on mine I just got Amp Mechanic (aka Jason).shielded wiring and good grounds make all the difference in the electronics world… May be off base but just a thought. God Bless have a great weekend

Anthony in Alabama

As I understand it, the 22 gauge wire does not require shielding. I don’t suspect it’s the culprit though. If that were the case I would expect to see issues only while the arc is present. Given the nature of the behavior, it being present all the time rather than just during cutting, leads me to believe it’s likely traveling through the ethernet cable somehow. I don’t believe it’s a defect, just nature of the components and their operation.


I wasn’t really sure about the actual event of your trouble. Might just try an new cat 6 cable. . I hope you find the source of your problem . And when you do please share with us.

When I was first testing the voltage divider I used a super long length of unshielded wire running to the divider then running to the Droid. I had it coiled up, layed out straight or wrapped around a bunch of stuff, made no difference. It’s not a super sensitive process, you’re just measuring DC voltage. I see no need to use shielded but if it gives you peace of mind, go for it.

But back to the original post, that’s really weird. I’m sure that I’ve had the pendant in contact with the table/cut material. Now I’m going to have to try it.

Please do, I’m very curious to hear if you experience the same behavior. Any thoughts on what might be the root issue here?