Honest Negatives, I can already see lots of positives!

Hi, I hope to draw some funds together this season and Arcdroid is on my wish list.
It looks like a great kit for the smaller and one-off fabrication jobs. I would look to run it on a single phase Jasic Cut 45.
Every system has its drawbacks, what would you say ArcDroids are?
I personally think the cut sizerange is good for me.
How is the THC?
Is it realistic to set it up on a job site project, say an excavator and cut directly. Would it be happy working on non-level surfaces, 45 degrees?
Thanks, J.

I don’t think that would work to well . You could take it to the work site and clamp or bolt it down on a level surface. The THC is in the beta stages. Hope this helps

To be honest I went with a hynade CNC Plasma Cutter Blow Back, Non-HF Pilot Arc Non-Touch 110/220V Plasma Cutting Machine, THC Torch Height Control Enabled (CUT60DN) its worked great for me consumables are a little high but you save a $1000 you can put down on a good Jeg’s plasma table.