Recommendations on new torch

Time to retire my 15+ year old Chicago Electric 40 amp machine. Its intermittent issues are driving me bananas.
I’m seeing a lot of inexpensive 50-60 amp machines getting great reviews, Arfony, Hynade, etc etc.
I’m mainly using my arcdroid for automotive brackets and such, maybe in the future making and selling some neat stuff
Any insight on the, dare I say, cheaper ($300-$700) machines would be hugely appreciated.
I’m leaning toward the primeweld 60 but if I can do the same stuff for half the cost, that would be great.
Thanks in advance and thanks for this forum, learning a lot

If and when I do it again i will avoid Hynade, consumables are expensive and it’s giving me nothing but headaches I got it for the quick connect port but if I got a second chance no thanks, but all non-high frequency are about twice as much, go with what you can afford regardless it’s still a blast.
PS Hynade has no customer service and Amazon can’t help once you buy it, it’s yours.

Good to know, thanks. Checking that one off the list

So I think I’ve narrowed down to Arcfony 53 or Lotos 5500. Anyone have experience with either? They both have fairly good reviews and on the compatible list

My Primeweld 60 worked fine for a couple months until the plasma-arc began interfering with the arcdroid control box. Solution was to start the cut and then place the control box (after adding a longer Ethernet cable) into a metal cabinet (faraday cage) and all was solved

Harbor freight has good ones plus its quick and easy to pick up consumables.

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