Sheetcam and file size

Okay so I haven’t used the ArcDroid in a while. When I loaded a file in to cut, it stopped and said the file is too big and stopped on line 44. I know I had issues with this the last time I used it but I don’t remember how to remedy this. I asked Andrew and remember something about the tolerances but again its been a bit since I last used it. I tried using Inkscape and also Fusion 360 but I’m lost since I don’t have much Cad experience. Any help would be appreciated.


What type of file? Is it a DXF? Or is it g-code?

Hi Bob. It’s a DXF file

This is another link where we had the same troubles.

Fusion360 is difficult to explain over a forum, but I guarantee if you Google the relevant topics like “import dxf into Fusion 360” or “smoothing curves in fusion 360” you’ll find great tutorials to help you find the solution.

Good luck! :+1:

Great. Thank you!