Struggling with file sizes and types

cat_pumpkin.dxf (381.8 KB)

Downloaded these from a vendor to play around with the arcdroid, and always get the file too big error. I have read the previous posts about adjusting tolerance in fusion360 - but saving as a .dxf in the free version of fusion360 is not an option…

so how do you smooth or adjust tolerances for files like this? I have been playing with inkscape which at least allows to save in .dxf format, but have been unsuccessful in getting it to load on the arcdroid without file too big errors. Any other recommendations for products are welcome.

This also does not seem to be a particularly large or poorly done drawing, so I am curious as to the limits I am hitting with the arcdroid.

meow-o-ween01_node_rm.dxf (334.7 KB)

I went through and manually removed more than half the nodes in inkscape, but still getting file too big, and the error seems to indicate I am not even getting halfway through the file before it runs out of room.

I am definitely open to any suggestions on other ways I can adjust the file to make it work.

Yours, Tony

Inkscape has an auto simplify function, but the way you control how much simplification is very hard to find!

The simplification level depends on how big each curve is relative to the whole selection. So to simplify things more, you need to give Inkscape a bigger selection.

Here’s the original file with 3160 nodes:

If you just hit Path → Simplify, it’ll come down to about 1000 nodes, which still doesn’t fully load.

So hit undo, and using the pen tool draw a simple triangle far away from the main drawing:

Now select everything (including the triangle), and hit Path → Simplify. This gives about 500 nodes:

Delete the triangle, try re-saving the dxf.

Still doesn’t quite load, undo until you get the original shape back, move the fake triangle further away, now we get about 300 nodes, and it should load in the ArcDroid
cat300.dxf (104.0 KB)

Alternatively you can split the drawing into multiple files, ex: save some smaller details in one file, then the outline in the second file, and run the two one after the other.

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Thank you iyeremin! I haven’t quite been able to replicate your method to get the file size down to the ~300 node level yet, but getting closer. It looks like the “behavior” setting under file->preference also adjusts how agressive the simplify command is, so I am playing with that and your method for adding a large object away from the drawing.

I also thought about splitting the document up for multiple cuts…I am curious if I was to cut out half or more of the internal nodes into a second file, how do you go about keeping the two drawings in alignment?

Yours, Tony

To align multiple cuts, import the files with the Origin:Input, this will keep the files’ original origin. Also keep the Scale, X, Y and Angle settings the same.

Inkscape origin is the bottom-left corner of the page, so move your drawing relative to that before saving if you need the origin in a specific place.
Ex: if you want origin on bottom-right, move your drawing top-left relative to the Inkscape page corner.