File sizes to large

Ok everyone i know its been awhile, but its like dr jekel and mr hyde around here, i have another question, i have read some of the other topics about this but hoping someone has maybe figured this out, AD saying file size is to big, ok then going back to fusion to change tolerances to .1 and smoothing to .1 and re uploading to AD and still getting the file size to large error, any suggestions on how to shrink the file down to work with AD and still maintain the quality of the art work

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Can you share the file? We’ll have a look and see what we can do.
It must be super complex if you’ve got tolerance and smoothing on .1 and you’re still hitting over 4000 lines of code

soldiers and eagle.gcode (61.2 KB)

Hey @Joelsams

I’m confused. The file you sent is only 2,859 lines long. It loads just fine here.
So I have no Idea how you are stopping on line 4,197.
That being said…this is Definitely a very complex file, literally no straight lines.

Ha well now im confused, thank you for taking time to look at it, i will have to see what happened, maybe im just a dumb dumb and saved the wrong file after editing the first attempt

Ok here is the cut after re checking the file, turns out i saved the old file and not the edited version, next upgrade has the be a unite with torch height control

It didnt turn out quite like i expected, not having the torch height control makes a big difference, if the droid hangs up just a little bit it throws the cut path off and then the lines dont line up but its a work in progress

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Awesome job and and awesome cut. Tribute to our service men always great.
Have some files my friend made for me I 70 yrs ild and dont do cad . So i have very few got lots of my simple trace. They are awesime to creat something from something broke and see it work and look like the original.
God bless and stay safe
Anthony in Alabama