Special Eraser tool


it a way to create an erase tool to erase a line or part of a circle between two pointslike in th jpeg i uploaded.
Thanks Anthony



That one has been on the list for a while now.
However it’s mathematically complex to do and the ArcDoid has pretty limited processing power, so as yet we haven’t got it working satisfactorily.

Trust me as soon as we make it work we’ll release it



Thanks so much for the quick reply . Always a pleasure to talk to you you have an awesome machine that does an awesome job.

I also have the same question, is it possible to delete crossing lines, when it’s made in trace mode?

No as i understand but Andrew and his developer are working on several things just are limited with what they can put in the memory chip in the arcdroid. May down the road can expand that memory. Boy would that be awesome or what.
Just a thought from an old man.
God bless and play safe…

It would also be great to grab a line, and stretch or crimp it,and move it, or bend it.