New user setup and a few questions

My Droid has been up an running well for a month or so now. Pics of the setup and my screen mount are below. I’ve only been using SimpleTrace which is meeting most of my needs. I have encountered a few issues and could use some advice.

  1. Is there a way to make a simple linear cut using coordinates? If I use the Free-hand trace function, then edit, I do not get the option to just cut the line based on coordinates/length.

  2. Does Simple Trace always cut in the order I traced? Is there a way to order the cuts? The button with the 1/2 inside/out function does not seem to do anything for me.

  3. Occasionally my unit crashes. It is not repeatable, but pressing a button results in the screen locking and I have to power cycle to get it working again, losing my work. I am running the most current firmware.



The insideout orders the cuts inside out
. Cuts all inside holes and shapes first before cutting to outside perimeter.
Anthony in Alabama

Look at these:

The last video sort of explains how to use coordinates. You need to pick the line function, then the edit button. You will see the x,y coordinates there.
I have no idea on the shut down issue, but you could do a save after every few steps. That way you don’t loose much. Dete the files that aren’t complete when you have the one you want finished.

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Your table is AWESOME! Did you use the Arc to make it?

No. purchased it here.

I wanted the 36" one but it was backordered. They sent me the 48" one for the same price but it is wasted space.


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Never wasted space use it to set up or large sheet of steel you will always need just a few more inches of space.

Maybe I’m just blind to the right menu but I still cannot find a way to edit coordinates for a simple line. Here’s a video of what I’m trying to do, just make a square cut across a piece of stock. Thanks

You’re not blind, currently there is no way to edit individual end points on a polyline.

However if you use the “Snap Grid” you can get lines to land on exact points and angles. So you can create a line exactly 4" long and a perfect 90° to the machine if you need to.

The thee Icons in the top right of the trace screen are grid tools.


Thanks Andrew. Since you’re looking, any chance of an option to orient the screen such that the droid is on right or left in addition to top/bottom options?

Yes you can flip the Screen for left handed use.
Go to Settings-> touch Screen → Flip Screen

This will put the knob, cable and the USB on the left for you


Sorry I wasn’t more clear in my request. You can see from my pictures that the droid itself is to my right. You have the ability to set the screen X/Y with the droid up or down, but not left or right relative to the screen. It is not a big deal but it would be a bit easer on my brain to have the orientation rotated 90 degrees.