My Cutting Table

Finally got a table built and the Arcdroid mounted. Still wating on the automation board and machine torch for my new 60i before i cut anything.


Very Nice! :+1: :laughing: :+1:

Good work, would like to build something like this. Any more pictures?

Dont mind the cable support, have to finish that yet.


I have a Cutmaster 60i and don’t know what this automation board is. Can you fill me in??

Goes inside the unit then you have a plug on the back to plug in for torch control and height control. Just eniminates the need to wire to the torch itself.

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Do you have a link to where I can buy this board?

Here is the part number 9-8308

And the cable to go from plas to Arcdroid 9-1125

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Thank you Brent! And now I have to type more than 20 characters to post.

Is that a little water bucket on the bottom or your table?

No water, but it catches all, or most anyway, of the junk that is made when you are cutting.

Wow nice job I have to make one yet not sure about going with extraction system or a water trap.

Would it be possible to get the dimensions of the table top from you please. Is the slat area same as cut area of the droid or larger

Super nice setup you built there :bangbang::bangbang:

The entire thing is 48x32 and cutting area is 48x20

Hey thanks Brent so the arcdroid base plate is included in the 32 inches thanks again

That is correct, 32 include the mounting surface.

I have to finish a log splitter I am fabricating before I can start it, I have the droid as well as a razor cut45 my existing plasma table is an old stainless steel tub but it works,lol will share progress when i get my A into G cheers