ArcDroid Work Area Setup



Just finished finalizing the layout for my ArcDroid setup in the shop!

Since the dirt, dust, sparks, etc. are all subject to gravity, I positioned the Plasma Cutting Machine high above the work area to eliminate these things from falling into / onto the machine.

Another convenient feature of having the plasma machine up high is that the torch cable hangs down instead of having to be pulled or lifted by the robot as the arm moves about the table. One last thing that I might add is a bungy cord to hold the cable up out of the way, since it is so long. This way, the cable will stay clear out of the way of the worktable but the robot arm can pull it wherever it needs to and the bungy cord will allow for stretching, if necessary.

The Plasma Table that I used seems to be the PERFECT SIZE for this robot’s reach and cutting area. I bought it from Northern Tool. It was only $150.00 USD. I did add a support platform with a leg at the rear of the table to hold the ArcDroid.

Overall, I am quite pleased with this setup and I must say, so far, this ArcDroid CNC Robot seems EXCELLENT!

I do wish there was a Technical Reference Manual available, as there seem to be a lot of FIELDS on the Control that I am not sure how to address. Hopefully there is a Reference Manual in the works???


-Glenn W.

Plymouth, Massachusetts

-Glenn W.
Plymouth, MA USA

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ANDREW Miller Staff member


Awesome Sauce!

Can you provide a link to that table? It looks to be dead on what the ArcDroid needs.

Excellent set up and great way to store your Control Screen!!


Andrew Miller
C.I.O. 2 AM Innovations Ltd.

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Steven Marston


I wonder if mounting the whole setup near vertical would be plausible.

Look at the Maslow

It has had mixed reviews but the concept of saving precious floor space might be worth considering.

I have a near identical table by Jegs in case there isn’t a Northern Tools nearby.

Knew I’d have to put the ArcDroid on the side and was concerned about the twist if attached directly to the table’s side. Silly me didn’t think about a pedestal! Love it!

Northern Tools plasma table

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@ANDREW Miller Hi, Andrew! Thanks for the kind words!

Here’s a LINK to the table I bought from Northern Tool… Oddly enough, right after I bought mine for $149.99, they raised the price to $249.99! CRAZY!

However, here’s another VERY SIMILAR SIZED table from Jegs that will also work very well and is only $169.99 USD:

-Glenn W.
Plymouth, MA USA

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