My setup with Everlast 82i

Hey guys!

Long time follower second time poster! Anyway I thought I would show off my set up, nothing too special but it works! You can see I modified the torch holder arm to add another holder since the plasma I’m using is the Everlast 82i cnc and it has a massive torch head. So to hold it on there I needed a bit more grab than the stock one. Also I added some photos of some small clamps I milled up to hold down the work piece. Haven’t filled the tray with water yet but haven’t really needed to yet.

Thanks for looking!



Nice setup, I’m considering purchasing the arcdroid and doing my research.
The table is important, yours looks great. can you share any information about its construction

Sure! It’s just a 2x2x1/4 frame, and then the slat holders are 1-1/4 aluminum that I slotted out to fit in 1x1/8 slats. Mounted those with a couple bolts on either side, you can see the oversized holes I drilled out to get a socket in there to mount them. We have a sheet metal place next door so I got them to bend me up a water tray that I siliconed and slide it in with a couple of pieces of 1-1/2 angle to hold it up. Then from there it was just mounting the droid on, so I machined some spacers to fit under the machine to raise it up to the level of the slats and also to level it out. Added some J bent 3/8’s hooks for cables and the table is ready to rock.

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Oh yeah I also got the neighbours to cut me a piece of sheet metal that blocks the plasma machine off so it avoids getting sparks thrown at it. I think I’ll probably put some sort of sheet metal blocker for the droid as well.

Nice build. Do you have an idea how much $ in materials +/- $50? I’m trying to decide if I want to purchase a kit or make one from scratch. Weld tables has a pretty nice setup 24 x 36 for $575

Hey dano4911, It’s hard for me to say since I used a lot of scrap metal laying around our shop. But 575 seems like a pretty good deal to me to be honest. If anyone has any ideas on price points for tables feel free to chime in!


I bought the Klutch table from Northern Tool. 21”x33” table. $239, sometimes on sale $199. Not to bad. Individual parts aren’t particularly rugged but assembled it is pretty stout. Doesn’t require much floor space and fits the work envelope of the Droid.

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That’s a nice looking setup!!

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