Torch clamp and arm rigidity?

Good Morning! First time posting but not new to CNC. I’m downsizing my shop (moving) and unfortunately, can’t bring my CNC table with me, just too big! I’ve been eyeing the Arcdroid for some time now and I already have a downdraft 36"x48 plasma table. So with that being said, I have an Everlast 102i that I would like to use with a CNC dedicated torch head. I’m curious to know if the clamp would be adequate to hold the torch and how rigid is the arm? I’m concerned if there’s any deflection in the arm since the torch head is large and the cable is pretty stiff. Any feedback would be appreciated!

I have a cnc torch i wanted to keep my hand torch available for quick use and no off on on that possible strip out screws or damage torch. So for no problems. I have a PrimeWeld 60 with an IPT 60 CNC torch. Only problem i have run into is my lack of knowledge of plasma cutters and cnc programing. Love the Arcdroid and all the people here in this forum willing to help the newbie like me.
Anthony in Alabama