ArcDroid vs Crossfire

Greetings all. New here, and long time hobby fabricator, onto my 3rd plasma cutter, but 2023 I am buying my 1st CNC machine.

My question is… “what distinguishes the Arcdroid from the Langmuir Crossfire personal CNC table?”.

Clearly, the Arcdroid is Canadian owned, which I like. Also, the small size and trace features are nifty. And it might even have Torch Height Control. The cut area is sufficient for almost everything I will ever do. I also like that I can clamp the device to a full size sheet of steel, and not have to pre-cut down the sheet to fit on a small table.

Meanwhile the Langmuir is owned by foreign un-Canadian aliens, has a full table (which is OK if you have the room but has the ‘need to cut down the sheet’ issue), has an available THC, and a larger cut area, which can be further expanded for a small fee at initial purchase.

It seem that both systems use arms in ‘Single Shear’ (if that is the right terminology), which, in theory, can cause deviations from lack of rigidity in the arms. I know my human arms shake without some support, but I don’t know if this is a real problem for these robot arms, or just a theoretical concern.

Both units are about the same price when equivalently equipped.

Is there anything else I should know that distinguishes the Arcdroid. I’ve not seen any head to head comparisons of these two products, which is odd, since they are clearly competitors.

Any input on this product comparison would be appreciated.

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The two systems are quite different in mechanical operation. Crossfire is two conventional linear axis that are only supported from one end each.
The Droid is two rotary axis and works more like a elbow and shoulder.
Different math sets to translate motion.
Droid hands down on compactness when not being used. I think that in itself is the game changer. For a well made hobby cnc plasma the ability to store on a shelf is just huge in my real estate challenged shop. The Easy trace feature is icing on the cake if you are CAD/PC challenged.

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I had the crossfire table and set it all up with a water table and touch screen monitor. I did not like all the post programming you HAD to do if you wanted to cut out one part. Most of my garage parts are one or two and then something different. I just ordered a Arc Droid this morning and hope its as easy as all the videos to trace and duplicate a template.

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