Heads up on Cheap table

Public service announcement
Northern tool has a very ArcDroid Compatible table on sale for $99 right now



I have this table and love it! the replacement slats alone go for 45 bucks here in the US.

I have the exact table i modified it with a angle iron extension off one side for the arcdroid and and table off the end for work area. I caught it on sale for $99 last year.
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Anthony in Alabama

Lets see spome set-ups.
Orered one

Here’s mine. Lots of mods. On wheels, dry, baffled downdraft. Not shown is the 6” curtain that keeps piercing sparks contained.

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This is my set up, made mounts for torch and stylus holders from 2" extruded aluminum machined to size and m6 screws added to lock in place. A 16" x10" mounting frame for arcdroid out of 1.5" angle not plate just framr and added a 2’ extension with suport leg. Also a torch cable holder to support the weight of torch. Also machined blocks to hold the cnc torch as i did not want to remove torch and have to re calibrate machine. I like to have the hand torch available for other jobs. Probably forgot something any questions shoot me an email.
Anthony in Alabama

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