Plasma Table option for Arc Droid

Just a quick option i came up with for Canadian users. A 23.5x36.25” plasma table from Princess Auto up here….this is listed as there pro model.

Good heavy duty steel (bolt together). Just welded bolts on the bottom to be able to add the casters… Not sure how easy it will be to add a water tray……but a start…Also about 6” taller then the eastwood tables…now waiting on my X2.

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I use 4 inch high plastic bins from Walmart and weld on angel iron to hold them they work great and if you forget to put water in (don’t ask) for a few bucks your back in businesses plus their easy to pull out and clean or when you move your table.

Will have to try that…thx

I use a little simply green cleaner with my water never use bleach

Have the same table (decent table) one glitch, the cross member supports are higher after you place the inserts. This height difference affects the cutting height. I primarily use 16 gauge sheet metal so when the Droid probes in the middle there is enough of a difference to make the piece flex down and then when the torch raises the metal follows making the cut height inaccurate. Looking at shimming all the cut inserts to try and get the everything a little more level.
Good Luck

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Yes looking at an easy shimming option now as well…will see how that works out.

I shimmed up with q1/4” of flat bar & its now parallel. May have to tack the frame to the back legs to remove the upper bolts. Other then that everything looks like it will fit well.