Hello from Maine

I have a small one man farbrication shop and been wanting a plasma table for many years. Couldn’t justify the cost and cant wrap my head around CAD. Stumbled onto the Arcdroid a couple years ago and been following everyone’s posts with interest. Finally pulled the trigger a few weeks ago. Very much enjoying my little helper and using it every day with great success . Most of the parts i make are mundane in nature but with each i make a file and name it. Been using only simple trace and finding it to work very well for my kind of work. In time I expect i will force myself to learn CAD but for now the simple trace is cutting the cake. I would like to thank everyone for your informative posts and thank Andrew for a great product and though I have not needed any support yet it is nice to see his posts and efforts to make a great product better. I am currently using my Hypertherm 65 on the Arcdroid with a hand torch and have a water table cobbled together. Thanks again to all!


Welcome to the forum. I’m in southern ME, Saco.

Thanks Bob, I saw in one of your posts you had your Arcdroid at the DownEast Scenic Railroad. I took my grandsons there last weekend for a train ride. Well oiled operation.

That must have been the Pumpkin train ride. I was working in the steam shop on the 470 restoration.
Small world!

Yes it was. Everyone had a good time. Small world for sure!

KevinG welcome to the forum an awesome group of people and we all share things we have learned some of us the hard way. I know when i first got mine could not find the forum then found it. Think they shut down one and made a better one. But now any problem is solved very quickly either by members or by Andrew. Awesome support from Andrew.

Thanks Joatmon , yes those hard way lessons are the ones best remembered. I been using my Arcdroid everyday and getting along with it pretty well for the most part. I do find myself doing a search on here every now and then when in question. You all have compiled some very useful topics!