Hey folks welcome to the new forum

Welcome welcome…
We’ve updated the forum. More power, more memory and a better format.

I’ll introduce myself.
My name is Andrew Miller. I’m the lunatic that invented and designed the ArcDroid ™. So it’s officially my fault :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I’ve been a product designer for 30 years in all sorts of industries but ArcDroid has been my most successful product launch.

I must say I’m humbled by the great response to my little robot. Thank you all for your kind words. We put a lot of work into getting here.

As things continue to grow with ArcDroid CNC there are increasing demands on my time but I will do my best to maintain my activity here.
Happy to answer your questions!

I look forward to seeing what you guys create!



@Andrew , You should have a post on the old forum saying it’s closed with a link to this forum. I need to change my bookmark……
Thanks for all you do!


Yep. Getting there.
Still working out the kinks !

I didn’t realize you created a new forum, no wonder my login did not work. OK I made a new login and I’m ready to learn more about how to use my Arcdroid!!

Agreed! Given I haven’t posted a long time. Too my surprise my login didn’t work. Had no clue that there was closed, and none of my posts moved over.

Glad to see so many arcdroid users here. As i am not up to speed on any cnc or how the ArcDroid features work so i am going to need all the help I can get. Seems to be a great group.


Hey everyone . This is Rob from Cranbrook . Like everyone here super excited about the MACHINE!
was wondering if anyone out there or anyone else is havin issues connecting to hypertherm 65 sinc ? bought fancy machine bought fancy interface cable kit . Not smart enough to make it work with hand torch ? Look forward to learn this machine and all the awesome chassis parts that will come ! Thanks! andrew!

Welcome to the forum. Read this thread. Quite sure the 65 is the same color wires as the 45. Interface cable is only plug and go in conjunction with a machine torch.
Powermax 45 hook up