Powermax 45 hook up

I just received my cnc harness from Hypertherm. It seems as it should be pretty simple, but I have a few questions before I get into it!

If I plug the harness into the port on the plasma, will the “regular “ torch work?? The manual has a note stating that it requires the machine torch. I would prefer to use the regular torch for both regular and Droid cutting.

Are the extra wires in the harness to be used? I believe it is for the THC, but that may not be quite an option yet?

I have looked/watched as many videos etc of the hook up. I can’t seem to find this exact scenario. @bobplewajr

For plug and play you need the machine torch. To use the hand torch the safety switch has to be bypassed. You can either open up the torch or open the case to do this. Some people use a fine piece of wire to jumper the pins of the torch connector but I don’t think that is a good idea myself.
I opened the case to make the arcdroid connection and did not use the hypertherm cable at all.

I see.
Is there any benefit to trying to make the hypertherm harness work?

Plug and play if you have the machine torch. I don’t. My 45 is 8 years old so warranty concerns don’t exist. Two screws open the case and easy enough to solder two small wires to the board. Small two pin connector out the front for my shielded two conductor wire to the Droid.
I’ll post some pics tomorrow if it will help you.

Some pictures would be helpful! Thanks in advance

@BenA take a look at the link I put in the post from @Finney “Help with connecting ArcDroid to power max 85”. If you scroll down in that link you’ll see some good pix of the torch and wires. You’ll also see the machine connection @BobD was probably speaking to.

Also try googling “power max hypertherm 45 torch bypass switch”. You’ll find a bunch of links where others have done the same.

Good luck! BTW, I have an Everlast, so I don’t have any personal experience with Hypertherm. However, the wiring in all torches is similar, with an occasional “safety circuit” in some.

@BenA Here you go. This is how I did the tie in.

This shows the small female plug out the front of the hypertherm. Had to drill a small hole for the wire in the plastic front “grate”. Cable goes to the Droid.


To open the case, remove the two phillips screws in the black plastic handle. Use a magnet to get the screws out or turn the case upside down. They have to be removed not just loosened up.
The ends of the case will pull out at the top to remove the handle and then the metal cover can be wriggled free. Remove the plastic sheet.
Here are the connections. Red and black are my wires soldered to the board matched to the orange and violet that come from the torch socket. Thats it. Reverse to assemble.
Hand torch works as normal. Run CNC by connecting the plug in cable and activating by the Droid.


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Great! Very helpful! I will be up and running this evening!

Up and running!
Thanks for all the help!
Arcdroid performs as advertised :nerd_face:


Awesome! The Droid will really open up fabbing possibilities for you.

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is it better to use the hypertherm cable interface?

@steve.lessard the harness is only good if you are going to use the machine torch. (so I’m told) I bought the harness thinking it would save me some work, it didn’t it……(can’t return it :man_shrugging:t2:.) I didn’t want to spend the money on the second torch.

Doing what is posted on this thread works just fine. Just be careful to clean the varnish of of the pins on the circuit board before you try to solder…. I learned this the hard way :roll_eyes:. And be careful not to get solder in the wrong place!

If you don’t want to tackle the circuit board mod, I think the wire splice at the base of the torch works just fine also.

alright thanks so if i understand correctly this is just to bypass the trigger switch? do you use the same consumables with the CNC than you would use manualy?

The regular ones work just fine. Just make sure that your consumables are in good shape, and double check your feed rate before you hit run.

I did try the machine type shield. It seems to work good.

My Arcdroid was just delivered today, only took a week from Hong Kong to Vancouver Island which blows my mind. Anyways I also have the XP45, I bought the CPC port and the cable thinking it’s what I needed. I think the cable has voltage dividers in it and is needed for THC but I really have no idea aside from it cost another $200. I’m not confident in soldering to the board so I’m looking for the best was to use the cable and splice it into the machine so the handheld works as a machine head torch.

Also where are you getting your files? have you looked at Instant Access to All our Designs - Labor Day Offer – PlasmaDxf™
Looks like an infomercial but also seems like exactly what I’m looking for.

Does this wiring setup work with the hypotherm pm 45 with the port in the back ? I have been having a heck of a time understanding exactly what I need to do .
I have my old powermax45 with cnc port in the back . I’m trying to avoid buying the harness and machine torch.

Hey Jason, this is my setup. Regarding the THC.

I do have the CNC port kit thing on my Hypertherm 45. Will I be able to utilize this cable to wire the CNC port 50:1 divider to Aux 2 of the ArcDroid?
(As noted, I will need to email ArcDroid with my serial number to receive an unlock code. I haven’t done this yet.)

Should be easy hookup then. Looks like pin 6 (+) White wire and 5 (-) Black wire.

Be sure to hook up a multimeter to those and measure DC V while doing a dry fire. You should get around 2 to 2.5V. If higher, open up the hypertherm and find the divider board at the back and make sure the correct switches are flipped for 50:1.

Printed below is right from the THC instructions you will receive with your code. The 45XP should be factory set at 50:1, but be sure to check the voltage on your CPC wires. Don’t forget to check the polarity of them!:

“Verify Your Output Voltage 1st!
The ArcDroid THC function will only work with a compatible 50:1 voltage divider. You must verify the output of this
divider Before Connecting to the ArcDroid™. Run a test cut with you machine using normal settings while measuring the
voltage from the output with a multimeter. Voltage should be between 1-4VDC during the cut and not go above
Once verified you can connect the output to the “AUX 2” connections on your ArcDroid™
Polarity is Important!”

Thanks @Cmsmoke @Amp_Mechanic_JB for the info. :facepunch:

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