Help with connecting arc droid to power max 85

Just got arc droid and need to connect to power max 85. Have watched the vidio a couple of times. I don’t understand it. Cannot afford to smoke the plasma cutter. beside the 3-6 week wait time to replace it a employ would be without a job for that time.

@Finney look at the socket assignments in your operator manual. Looks like for your machine, socket 3 and 4 need to be connected to the Droid to initiate the torch.

Machine dosent have cnc plug on the back.


I just ordered the harness for my Hypertherm 45. It does have a port in the back to accommodate this.

However! When I was describing what I needed, the parts personnel showed me a part that he thought I needed. The part converted a non cnc port machine to a cnc port machine. (Internal parts etc) This may be an option for the 85 if you are like me and don’t feel comfortable tying into the wiring!

Check with your welding supplier that deals with Hypertherm.


@Finney send me a pic of all sides of your machine and a few of the torch.

There were 2 versions of the Hypertherm powermax 85.
One had CNC port & one didn’t.

You can buy an upgrade kit.

From Automated communication kits | Hypertherm

@Finney check out this link. Plenty of pix with a torch similar to yours. The process here is the same as Andrew explains in his video. This should help you.