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So I’ve ordered an Arcdroid, currently have a Hypertherm 45 XP and I just ordered the CPC port (428653) upgrade, the SYNC cartridge adapter (428951) for my handheld and a smartsync 45a mechanized nozzle (428925). Does that sound like all I need to get started and be able to use THC effectively? Thanks for any advice, looking forward to receiving it and getting started.

Lastly is there a library of files somewhere online to get started and what is the most affordable drafting program to use? I went on the Fusion 360 website and it looks VERY expensive for a hobbyest after the first 30 days.
Thanks again!

Fusion has a free diwnload for hobbiest. And plasma spider has a lot of free dxf files and ti join is only $20 or $25. I have used sime off there but mostly. Use simple trace ti fix broken stuff or to modify.things or copy a friends mods that he shared all i do is use simple trace and walaaa a part just like the one he payed $200 bucks for.
Anthony in Alabama

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Well I ordered the CPC port for $200, hopefully it was required to run the xp45 with the Arcdroid.

Thanks for the info @Joatmon, Ill definitely look into that free version of Fusion360, as well as the other resources you listed.

I ordered my 45XP with the port installed. I ordered the cable for it afterward. Two of the wires are used for the THC on the Arcdroid. I have not yet used THC. I am getting some more experience before adding any more learning curve. You will need to do the torch switch bypass, unless you ordered the machine torch with your cutter.

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What was the cable required (part #)? Is it a hassle to remove the torch and use in manually when needed? And I’ll have to look for a video on the “torch switch bypass”…I looked into the machine head but it was pretty pricy!

Thanks for the feedback.

Hypertherm Machine Interface Cable w/ Voltage Divider, 25’ - 228350. I have the 50’-228351. I did the bypass on the torch lead close to the plasma unit. I figured if I had a warranty issue, I wouldn’t be sending the lead and they wouldn’t question the modification.

Thanks for that, just ordered that as well. It’s starting to add up all these costs. $200 For CPC Port, $200 for 25’ Cable w/voltage divider, $160 for cartridge adapter and $70 for mechanized nozzle!

Hopefully that’s all I need and it isn’t to much more to get it up and running.

Thanks for all the advice @Cmsmoke

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