Using arcdroid on wood

late night thoughts, what if I take a thin piece of metal put it over wood then in theory I should be able to burn design in the wood. I’m going to try it tomorrow and see what happens.

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in theory sounds great - love to see the results :slight_smile:

I would like to hear the results…It should burn the wood just fine…I’m thinking there could be a lot of splash back and refilling the cut could be an issue from build up, if your tip comes close to that area again.

You could just set your pilot arc to on constantly and not need any metal and cut through the wood but its going to probably not turn out exact or anything like you think. If you tried it with metal over it probabaly worse to be honest. There are ways to ground your pilot arc and have it start. Google and youtube has plenty of info on it. You can wire it into your plasma box and then set it to trigger with the arc droid so it is the proper lead in.

Guessing it will catch fire if on dry untreated wood

Nope bad idea I had I 1/2 inch spacer cutting through 16 gauge hot rolled at 30 amps 2000 mm maybe I’ll play around

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