Arcdroid not cutting pattern when torch is on

Hey all! Was wondering if anyone came across this problem. Just recently my arcdroid has not been making its cuts when I turn my torch on. Itll start by blowing into the material to make the cut, then freeze while the torch is still firing. While this is happening, the pad freezes then have to reset. Anyone run into this or may know the solution?

That sure sounds like High Freq from the plasma giving the Droid spasms.

Even with a blowback style torch? My current set up is the primeweld Cut 60.

Others have had problems with that plasma cutter. I believe primarily with units made before 2021. There are posts about it on the forum somewhere.

Yes I’ve seen that others were having issues. Just some additional insight. I have had the droid and cutter for a half of year now, been using it with no issues. The only thing that has changed is I’ve made the arcdroid it’s own mount on my cutting table. So idk if the issue stem from the droid being on the same grounded table?

Maybe try it with the Droid user control as far away as it’s cable allows and the plasma supply the other direction.

I had the exact same problem with my prime cut, 60 after about six months. The actual plasma somehow got all dirty and it was interfering with my control box. So I put the control box inside a metal cabinet during the cut and everything works fine now. Or if you could put a longer ethernet cable and extend the control unit outside the room.

Update. So I moved my arcdroid off the plasma table where I made the mount for the unit and now seems to be working fine. I believe this was the problem because the droid was mounted to the same table I had grounded. Be careful making your table builds and put something non metal between your droid and mount so you’re not accidentally grounding the arcdroid.

Would placing a thin rubber mat under the unit achieve the same isolation ?

Make sure the ground is not behind the arcdroid or between the torch and arcdroid. I cut a lot of 1/2 inch plate and set the machine on the plate to cut brackets out of it. It will not work if the ground is anywhere close to the machine.


We have seen a couple examples of the Primweld “ageging” into interfernce problems
The Isolated ground you’ve already done is a good step but you might also find if you crack open the case and give it a good clean with some compressed air it will improve things. Enough conducrtive dust gets into the case and it changes behavior of things
AND make sure your electrode is moving smoothly…it should be spring loaded and snap back to place easily. so clean the end of your torch and ensure you have the correct consumibles and they are working well.

Hope this helps


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