New Error, stopping mid cut

Anyone had this error? Mid way through a cut and the arcdroid stops but the plasma stays on. The error gives no details of what has gone wrong.

Any help would be appreciated.

I Am on the newest firmware on both the screen and the base machine with the X2. Been working fine for a week.


Can you shed any light on this error at all?



That is almost certainly High Frequency interference from your plasma cutter.
What is the make and model of your plasma?


Hi @Andrew

I have an r-tech cnc plasma. Its a non HF blow back start.

I’ve been using this setup for a good 6 months and never had this issue till today.

Is there anything else electrical that could trigger it? I have an extraction fan just above the plasma table, couple welders and a few other electrical tools.


I have found my TIG welder in close proximity to the Droid causes issues. I always power down the Droid before doing a welding.

Same thing happened with my Cut60, after six months the plasma arc began interfering with the electronics in the control box
My solution was to start the cut and then put the control box in a faraday cage, any metal box will work. I replaced Ethernet cable with a longer cable as well

Looks like Serial data corruption - the screen sends serial data to the main unit in real time as the cut progresses. If the RJ45 cable loses connection for a brief time this could also cause corruption.

If its not HF EMF causing the corruption - consider a mobile phone near the cable, faulty or dirty contacts in the RJ45 plug or socket.

If you have an un-shielded RJ45 (ethernet cable) consider getting one that is shielded . Will be described as STP

Now this could make sense. I did trap the ethernet cable this morning in the X2 slider l, but couldn’t see any visible damage on the outside of the cable.

I’m going to swap it out and see it that stops it. Won’t hurt to clean the connections while I’m at it.

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