Did this thing just brick?

hey guys ive made maybe 5 cuts with my arcdroid in my free time. I traced a part went to run the arcdroid everything just shut off after a few seconds of cutting. the screen powers on. no coms for 5 seconds error on the screen, its seemingly dead? i just test ran the cut before cutting, no issues. i have tried swapping out the RJ45 to no avail. tried reflashing the software.

What error message did it say? What plasma cutter you’re using?

It just says no communication for 5 seconds.
Im using a hypertherm 30xp

If test runs are fine without the plasma cutter running, something is going on with your plasma cutter that it doesn’t like. I would try reflashing it again. I’m willing to bet you are getting EMI interference. Do you have your plasma cutter and table connected to a good ground? And you are plasma cutter ground is connected directly to the workpiece, right?

Yep grounded directly to workpiece. Ive been emailing back and 4th with arcdroid. Im thinking i need a new main board. The screen is fully functional. The main pcb in the arcdroid powers on. But i get no coms.

But it runs fine without the plasma cutter running, right? It could be the PCB, anything is possible, but to me, it’s pointing back to the Hypertherm.

No it wont run period. Just sits at the no coms error with our without the plasma connected.

Try a new cat6 cable if you have not already do so.