Black screen

Hello there!!
Got my little machine this week and i really need help because the machine is dead now allredy :frowning: i tried running the machine but it stopped all the time and after some research i saw that my plasma had hf ignition…. My electrician on my job managed to get the machine running awsome with my plasma with hf ignition but yesterday when i tried to start the machine it doesent boot up… it was some red flimmering in the screen and then it died, tried some time later and it was alive!! But then it died again… i just wondering if somebody have or had the same problem like me and know what to do :sob:

Do not run the HF plasma cutter with the Arcdroid.
It will do damage

Read the instructions or the website to confirm this, you can also use the search the forum, type in “ high frequency “ and see there is extensive coverage of this topic on here already.

It may be too late sadly Look here

Best of luck

Thanks! I also think its to late but i was thinking i could replace the broken part and get it running again, is it possible to get spareparts or something? Dont know really what it is that the hf is frying :frowning:

Give ArcDroid a call, I think Andrew is still doing customer service himself, he’ll get you fixed up.

Thanks for the support! I Will try to reach out to him! Hate that my machine just stand there as decoration in the workshop…