Trouble with DFX

itll cut 3/4 way through the file then it freezes up and the screen starts flashing and turns off!? i am new to this…just got the machine monday lol

@jsandrock need a bit more info, are you importing a DXF file? If yes, I hear it is best that the extension be saved in DXF, not dxf…

Also try importing G-code…I have had good results with this method, designing in Fusion 360, exporting G-code, and transferring to AD …I hope this helps you !


That sounds like HF interference what make and model of plasma cutter are you using?

its a jegs "cut 40’. it doesnt say it HF but im new to this also

still trying to figure out the G-code stuff lol

@jsandrock Yep there is your problem that is 100% a High Frequency machine.
You should discontinue use before you Damage your ArcDroid.

You’ll need to upgrade to a low frequency start unit. There is a list on the main page of the forum for Compatible units

Off the record. The Harbor Freight Titanium 45 is probably the best unit for the $$ available right now. Surprisingly good.

Hf is because its a touch start? can i change it to pilot acr?

Unfortunately High Frequency start means High Frequency start regardless of the “pilot Arc” aspect of it

Trust me we tried but there is No way around it. It’s is not possible to modify an HF unit to be compatible with the ArcDroid, sorry.

Thank you. ive got another cutter on the way.