Am I seeing HF interference?

Hi guys.
I have a Boc smoothcut 105 plasma in Australia and i am having trouble with the arcdroid screen shutting down and resetting just after I do a perforation. Is it a sign of HF interference? I cannot find any specs that say what type of machine it is and we have owned it for years so it is not a current model. Also trawled the forum and couldn’t find an answer on the symptoms… Love the arcdroid when its working which is about half the time at the moment. Australian supplier also told me any plasma would work when I purchased the machine which is very frustrating.
Cheers Paul


NOTE: Currently we cannot guarantee compatibility with High Frequency start plasma cutters.

There is a growing list of compatible cutters on our Community Forum

Most plasma cutters can be used with ArcDroid™ as long as a two wire switch can be provided for turning on and off the torch.

this is what i found about arcdroid and HF plasma cutter you could reach out to BOC and get details from them

I found a youtube vid on the Boc Smoothcut 100 and it says it is a high frequency start. I’m sure the 105 would be also. This is a problem for the Arcdroid. It is an electrical interference issue and that is what you are experiencing.

Hi @Pauly
Yep that is the classic symptom of HF interference. It’s basically the ArcDroid going into duck and cover mode to try and save itself.

We haven’t had any experience with the BOC units so I can’t say for sure however if you’re getting a reset then it is almost certainly a HF start machine (or a wildly out of tune LF machine). You could try servicing your plasma to ensure its running within spec and make sure it is well grounded (electrical earth not material ground) But long term I do not recommend using that plasma system as it may damage your ArcDroid.

Sorry you’re having troubles. I’ll take note of the BOC being problematic in case people inquire in the future.