Second cut issue

Hey guys!

I’ve had this issue pop up three times now. (I’ll cut something either from fusion or from the droid itself) I’ll cut one piece, then when I go to cut another piece of the same thing, it will pierce, but as soon as it starts moving the arc will stop but it will still follow the tool path. Has anyone had this happen to them before?

I got around once by taking the usb out and reformatting it and putting it back in. But it’s happened twice in quick succession and I shouldn’t have to format the usb every time :frowning:

I got around it a second time by running the tool path without cutting and then hitting the cut button right after the point it would pierce and it started the cut. Weird!

Any feedback would be appreciated if it’s happened to anyone else!


Hey Devin

This is far more likely to be an issue with your plasma cutter or connections.
The ArcDroid does not randomly turn of the torch. The format and it works thing is probably coincidence.

Double check you have a good ground connection to your material (check at the machine too not just at the clamp) also Check if you have your plasma cutter in the right mode (some have 2t vs 4t setting)
And of course check your torch enable wiring from machine to machine, a loose connection would easily exhibit those behaviors.


Ok thanks for the reply Andrew! I’ll double check my connections.