Arcdroid not cutting out features

Hi, not sure if this has been answered but I have had nothing but bad luck with my Arc Droid. Now, it is not cutting out features such as holes and some paths entirely. I’ve checked the files, and they look good.

Pretty disappointed in things so far. I’ve had it for a couple months now and I’ve had to scrap part after part.

Sorry you are having troubles

Can you eleborate a bit more?
How are you generating the cut files? Simple Trace or something like fusion360?
is all the geometry showing on the screen?

When you “skipping” features do you mean that it simply doesn’t move to them or is it making all the movements and just not cutting?
Is it probing the material properly?
What plasma Cutter are you using?

More detail the better and I’m sure we can sort you out.


Hi Andrew, thank you. The cut files are generated in F360. I have been working with Fusion for 7 years now so I’m very proficient with it. All geometries and features are showing on my setups and profiles, and running the simulator shows all paths and features.

It is making the movements, just not cutting. It is also not probing the height properly and sometimes it doesn’t even attempt to lower the torch height for the feature and just begins trying to cut. But since the torch is so high above the workpiece, the arc disengages. I have trouble shot all the usual suspects such as the cable and the little button sensor under the flip up cover on top on the machine. All cables and motion are unimpeded and function properly.

I am using a Hypertherm 45xp with standard torch and consumables.

I had that problem a d my Air compressor was not keeping up. Only noticed the problem when i seen the low air light blink

Make sure your torch moves up and down freely when done via the knob, being a standard torch there’s counter weight on the guide slides so if the torch sticks use some dry lube.

I haven’t noticed the air fault code but I’ll be sure to watch for it if it happens again. Thanks.

This may be the culprit and makes good sense. When I manually move the Z assembly up and down, it doesn’t feel sticky but like you said, the cantilever of the hand torch can bind up on those two mating surfaces. I’m not using any strain relief on the torch lead so I will try to support that torch head with an armature and see if the issues disappears.

Thanks for the response I appreciate it.

I had similar issues with the torch not lowering but still cutting. I ended up raising my cut table from being level with the ArcDroid’s mounting base to about 1.25" above it. This keeps the height adjustment closer to the top of the travel range. It’s been a few days without the issue repeating.

Sounds like an earth issue

Right on, thanks for the lead. I’m going to see if adding a support gantry and/or strain relief to the lead allows the torch to raise/lower freely without binding. Unfortunately with the way I have things set up with my burn table, the table can’t be raised higher than the Arcdroid.

You have options with mounting the head on the arm. There are multiple mounting holes on the head plate and there is a dovetail that can be adjusted. It is important to keep the Z operating range near the top of its travel.

@BobD you are correct, I ran into touchdown issues a few times, I am running a Miller Spectrum 625 with a machine torch, since the torch body is round, it can be raised or lowered in the AD clamp on the sled just about any height, I had it too high a few times, and it really throws off touchdown probe sequence, moving it down in the sled holder ¼" made a world of difference for me…Thought I’d share as these little speed bumps can be frustrating