Torch Problem!?

I have a problem with my torch it looks like. The torch does not light at every approach. He pauses in between, but carries out the next steps. I used the TIG holder file from the forum. Can someone help?

Plasma: Jäckle P40, 5Bar air

Different File, same Problem. ArcDroids Cuts, Stops on the next step, Starts another Step and after a bit of cutting the torch went off… grrr
ArcDroid and Simple Trace are updatet…

Make sure you have your work GROUNDED WELL. Are torch nozzles/ electrodes worn?

Working Piece is grounded well. Nozzles/Elecrodes looks good.

I may still suspect the solenoid valve.
I will bridge the solenoid valve and replace the wearing parts again. I’ll give you more information!
Thank you

What type of plasma cutter? is it on the approved list, some high frequenzy machines cause issues from what I’ve read.