Torch doesn't go down while cutting

dobbelsteen 3 rijen.gcode (36.3 KB)

When running a G-code, like the uploaded example, somethimes the z-axis motion doesn’t work like it should. The torch doesn’t descend to te plate. It just moves a little on the moving height, starts the arc and makes the movement. But is doesn’t go for the pierce height.
The next move all can be normal again.

Does our Arcdroid need an update or is their a setting problem? What should I look at?

Look in tune and make sure that file is set properly. That file must be loaded and check the file cut settings in tune. If may be a conflict between your g code settings and the Arcdroid cut settings

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You are probably experiencing a false probe
Thread here

video explaining it here

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Sounds like the torch cable is getting in a. I d every so often and giving you a restriction on Z axis. I had that problem when i first set up mine. Just make sure it is supported good and has a loop so there is no bind.

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