Z axis touch off not working

Hi All. The torch wants to drive down past the top of the cutting surface, it then retracts a bit and continues the cut path but scrapes along the surface. I can adjust the cut and pierce heights in the tuning window by 0.130" to make it work but this just does not seem right. Has anyone else experienced this?
Thanks, Colin

Mine is set off 2.00 to 2.5 mm after a set up my 3 point level on 16 gauge steel I get almost 99% clean cuts. You will have to adjust you’re. Do you have your torch cable supported?

Your cable might be dragging you down. False Probe - YouTube also Step 1.5 Z Axis Calibration - YouTube. Don’t worry everybody has had the same problems .

You may be inserting SAE numbers and in millimeter make sure the tune is not in mm. Look at the top it will tell you after you click tune .

Thanks Jdd. My cable is pretty well supported and does not seem to be dragging the torch down. I’ve checked the clearance with a thickness block all across the table and it doesn’t change. Glad to hear that I’m not the only one with this problem.